Hot off the Arab press

What citizens of other countries are reading about the Middle East.

Photo by: REUTERS
There is no problem with normalization Al-Watan, Kuwait, April 20 I’ve met so many Israelis over the course of my life, says Kuwaiti writer Ali Hassan Karam. In 1991, I met the head of the political section at The Jerusalem Post paper. These random meetings taught me that Israelis are just like us.

They love to travel to our countries and want to have peace with us. Sixty-six years after the establishment of the Israeli state, isn’t it about time to normalize with them? Wars with them were followed by peace treaties, the drawing of borders, the exchange of ambassadors and economic relations. Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority have normalized with Israel. If so, why are we the only ones who have to remain loyal to a case the Arabs betrayed? In the end, normalization is a necessity, especially as the idea of two states in which a Palestinian state will live next to Israel has proven to be a dream.

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