In the shadow of hate

The issue of rising anti-Semitism dominates discussions at the 2013 Kiev Interfaith Forum.

Kiev Conference
Photo by: Sam Sokol
The Jewish money changer with the long, beaked nose is hunched over, his intense gaze aimed at the piles of coins on the table before him, his expression intent. Walking the streets of downtown Kiev one evening during the course of the 2013 Kiev Interfaith Forum, a recently established annual conference organized by one of the leaders of the local Jewish community, I stumbled upon this Jewish-themed restaurant. A large neon sign in the shape of a bearded hassid illuminates the storefront, while the aforementioned statue of a money changer graces the front. In the entry corridor, frescos of Jews, including a caricature of a confused-looking Orthodox man with long side-curls and a gigantic hook nose, grace the walls.

Welcome to Ukraine.

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