PM deserves tent protesters’ ire – but so does Tzipi Livni

Netanyahu betrayed his voters by failing to address domestic problems, but Livni contributed greatly to this failure.

August 2, 2011 13:24
Tzipi Livni at a live Q&A session, Sunday.

tzipi livni_311. (photo credit: Idan Gross )

The mass protests over Israel’s high cost of living increasingly seem to be aimed directly at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, featuring raucous chants of “Bibi, go home!” And while many of the demonstrators are clearly longstanding Netanyahu opponents, many others are traditional supporters of Netanyahu’s Likud party or its allies; that’s precisely why Netanyahu is so worried. Yet the problems demonstrators are protesting have existed for years; Netanyahu didn’t cause them, and in most cases hasn’t even exacerbated them. So is it fair for the protesters to blame him?

Is Israel really more expensive than the rest of the world?


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