Celebrating citrus

Carla Snyder, the author of 'Sweet and Tart,' shared tips on using citrus fruits at a cooking demonstration that we attended in Los Angeles.

December 28, 2017 17:25
Navette cookies from Marseille

Navette cookies from Marseille. (photo credit: ILVA BERETTA)

For many of us, one of the delights of winter is the abundance of oranges. Growing up near the world-renowned citrus orchards of central Florida, Jamie Schler, the author of Orange Appeal, waited impatiently all summer and fall for winter’s citrus season.

As a child, Schler ate oranges as is, but as an adult, she began using oranges more and more in baking and cooking. “I find myself stirring spoonfuls of marmalade ... into cake and brownie batters, sauces, or marinades... Our favorite ... desserts, like rice pudding and sponge cakes, are all transformed by the flavor of orange.”


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