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The Palestinians – 100 years’ search for a solution
Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed, London, August 24
With the Balfour Declaration, the Palestinian people embarked on a long and bloody journey for a solution to the problem triggered by Great Britain, in collaboration with the Zionist Movement and the endorsement of the League of Nations, for the establishment of a national homeland for Jews in Palestine – at the expense of the Palestinians. Today, almost a century later, the Palestinian people still find themselves caught in the same vortex.

Even though they have already given up too much – running around the corridors of the UN too many times, visiting world capitals too frequently – they are still stuck with no solution. Israel understands that the Palestinians don’t have many options in their search for a solution. Therefore, it seeks to impose its own on them – to cut off the path to the two-state solution, continuously pressure the Palestinians and their leadership, and further weaken the international influence of their Arab allies – to the point they will have to accept less than a two-state solution. One idea already proposed during the Camp David negotiations with Egypt suggested self-rule with no territory. Alternatively, it seeks to establish two separate Palestinian authorities, one in Gaza and the other in the West Bank; or leave the Palestinians without a solution for decades to come.


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