To be (a Jew) or not to be?

Is it possible that connection to the people of the book is so strong it finds ways to manifest even when we are not aware?

Gabor Banfalvi
Photo by: PAUL ROSS
I have always wondered about Moses killing an abusive slave driver in Egypt because the latter was beating an Israelite. How did the future lawgiver know that he himself was an Israelite? Raised by Egyptian royals, did he somehow have knowledge in his bones about his true origins?

The same question arose during a port stop on a recent Viking River Grand European Cruise. My husband Paul and I were in Budapest, relishing our free time, and walked across the Chain Bridge to see Carolyn, an American colleague of mine, who is married to a Hungarian, Gabor Banfalvi. The duo’s expertise is Hungarian food and wine; Carolyn writes cookbooks, and Gabor takes people on wine and culture tours.

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