Netanyahu’s brazen and perilous defiance

The PA’s UN success can provide the impetus to seek a solution, but not if Netanyahu continues to respond the way he is.

Netanyahu's speaks about Palestinian UN bid
Photo by: Screenshot
One would think that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his cohorts would one day come to their senses and realize that there are limits to which they can defy the international community. As long as he is in power, Netanyahu has no intention, now or ever, to allow for the establishment of a functioning and independent Palestinian state. His talk of a two-state solution is nothing but an empty slogan designed to mislead the international community. He is tragically leading the Jews’ third commonwealth to a historic disaster akin to the destruction of the Second Temple. Those Israelis from the left and center of the political spectrum must wake up and stop him in his tracks before it’s too late.

I may sound overly dramatic, but anyone who witnessed last week’s events at the United Nations and condemned the General Assembly’s overwhelming support in granting the Palestinians a non-voting observer state is contributing to the demise of a two-state prospect, the only solution that preserves and safeguards Israel’s existence. Former prime minister Ehud Olmert applauded the UN resolution, although not because he cares about the Palestinians as much as he is concerned about the future of Israel itself. As was demonstrated by the UN vote, Israel’s isolation has already reached its zenith. Further defiance of the international community will make Israel a pariah state living in darkness and uncertainty with no friends left to watch its back.

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