A journey well-painted

May 11, 2017 20:27

Heller has traveled a long and winding emotional road, and his expresses that with great subtlety, vibrancy and sensitivity.

Dov Heller

Dov Heller’s ‘Journey’ exhibition relates an intimate tale of childhood trauma and searching for utopia. (photo credit:RAPHAEL DELOUYA)

There comes a stage in every artist’s oeuvre curve when they simply have to get down to personal brass tacks. In the jazz sphere, they call it “finding your own voice” and every discipline requires some degree of personal baggage.

While it is patently true that you can’t produce an item of coherent and comprehensible creativity without employing polished technique and mastery of the physical tools of your trade, an artist simply has to be invested, body and soul, in their work if it is going to be of any artistic value and convey some kind of message to the spectator.


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