Happy Birthday, Tal Brody!

The American All-Star who became the first sportsman to be awarded the Israel Prize is now Israel’s official goodwill ambassador

Tal and Tirza Brody with their grandchildren.
Photo by: Courtesy
Tal Brody turns 70 in a week, on August 30, but for anyone unaware of his status as a symbol of American Zionism and his link to important events in the history of the state, it would be hard to tell.

The almost 6’2” (187 cm.) Brody is perennial, in the same way as his famous catchphrase, “Anahnu al hamapa v’anahnu nisharim al hamapa – lo rak be sport, b’hakol!”(“We are on the map and we are staying on the map – not just in sports, but in everything!”).

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