Woman of La Mancha

New arrival Tiffany Chow shines in the ultimately healing role of Aldonza, Don Quixote’s dream girl.

Don Quixote
The number of acting troupes that put on E n g l i s h - l a n g u a g e productions here appears to be constantly on the up and up, with the likes of Jerusalem-based Encore!, JEST and J-Town Playhouse, while Tel Aviv Community Theater (TACT) keeps the Anglo thespian flag flying high and proud at the western end of Route 1.

But Beersheba-based Light Opera Group of the Negev (LOGON), which has been around since 1981, is the only English-language group that proffers its productions to audiences all over the country. It also earmarks a percentage of its takings for various charitable organizations, such as ESRA, the Forgotten People Fund and for children at risk, as well as generating the wherewithal for music scholarships in Jerusalem.

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