BarkSpeak, Part 2

September 6, 2017 20:08

BarkSpeak: the style in which, so often, members of the Israeli government and religious establishment address American Jews.

4 minute read.

BarkSpeak, Part 2

‘As Shimon BarkSpeaked me when I complained about his dog, "My dog barks. So what?”’. (photo credit:Wikimedia Commons)

Writing multi-part columns when your work appears only monthly can be an exercise in absurdity. After all, it’s not like everybody’s waiting for the sequel, and there’s always that pesky question: How much space do you devote to review? “In our last episode... ” In this case, perhaps a bit of review might be useful, because the problem we’re looking at has worsened since the August column got filed in July.

So... in our last episode...


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