Police on Sunday were conducting a three-day intensive search for missing American tourist Herman Kuehn, 80, who disappeared on Friday in Bet She'an.

Dozens of police from the Bet She'an police station, backed by a helicopter, officers on horseback, Border Police, and 30 IDF soldiers scoured the area of Bet She'an over the weekend and Shavuot holiday, searching for Kuehn.

On Friday at noon, Kuehn arrived with a group of tourists to an ancient ruins site in the area. Since then, he has vanished without a trace.

Police at first suspected that he may have gotten on the wrong tourist bus.

Kuehn speaks no Hebrew. He was last seen wearing a white shirt and Khaki colored pants. He has white hair, and a hearing aid.

The search is being headed by Bet She'an police station chief, Dep.-Cmdr. Ran Ofir, who set up a mobile command and control center to coordinate search efforts.

"He is not in good health as he suffered a stroke," a police spokesman said.