There was a reinforced police presence at Tel Aviv's Habima Square Saturday night to keep apart hundreds of protestors rallying for and against Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip. The protest turned violent when right-wing activists hurled eggs and water bottles at those calling for Israel to get out of Gaza.

In Tel Aviv, police officers blocked off  the protesters who tried to attack the left-wing demonstrators.  Four were arrested on violence charges and disrupting the peace.

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Outside of the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv, right wing activists held a protest rallying behind the IDF and its mission in Gaza.

Meanwhile, in Haifa, at the Mercaz Hacarmel area, hundreds of Arabs and Israeli protesters both against the Gaza operation and in support of it, staged demonstrations in the northern port city. Buses carrying Arab protesters who were coming to demonstrate against the Gaza operation were attacked. No injuries were reported but the buses were damaged.  Altogether, 13 people were arrested.

A large number of police were at the scene, keeping the two camps apart.