Preferably we want the safest way to maximize our earnings, especially, with current inflation and market changes we have to keep up with. In-order to achieve that goal, diversifying your investment retirement account (IRA) is the first and probably best option to consider.

A gold IRA account is just like a regular retirement account. Through offers by companies like Regal Assets, you can diverse your retirement account with gold and other precious metals. What you get is an IRA just like any other, that has more options for better revenues and a more convenient choice for responsible savers.
Why is gold the best option for your IRA Rollover?
1) Price: Gold prices are near its average cost of product and are below its margin cost of production for a significant portion of its supply. The fundamentals for gold themselves are a good enough reason to acquire it. Never fail to purchase an asset below its replacement value. It's practically lesson 101 of investing. At this time, gold is around the cost of incremental production.
Since gold prices exploded, the cost of production has increased as well, for mining companies has been jumping around in the attempt to produce more. Unless some new technology comes through to make the process significantly cheaper, the gold production market will fall. This must be good for the medium term as there is no likelihood for a fall in the demand for gold, the cost of production will only rise while allowing an increase in gold prices, making gold a good investment for the long term.
2) Diversification: Having a diversified portfolio is the key to reduce risk and the volatility of your asset's. Gold will do just that. Unlike paper, stocks or bonds, gold does not depreciate in value. Even when the economy state is unstable, there will always be ready buyers of gold. Gold bars actually protect the economy from inflation.
3) High fees and taxes: Even when you don't make a withdrawal, your 401K still pays different types of fees for investment, such as managing fees, administrations fees, investment fees, individual investment fees and sale charges. While you don't pay taxes on your 401K plan until you make a withdrawal, the fact is that you pay higher taxes, the highest tax bracket on 401K is at 39.6%, With gold since it's considered to be a collectible by the IRS, you will pay 28% tax on your capital gains. Additionally, a Rollover on your 401K account has no tax implications so you can be safe knowing you're not doing nothing buy gaining when you do a rollover of your IRA.
4) Value: Gold has a long history of maintaining its value throughout the ages. Gold is usually viewed as a rich men's commodity and has a direct link to preserving wealth. Gold is known for keeping its value even through times of crisis. For that reason, during times of financial uncertainty people tend to find shelter in gold and other precious metals
5) Emergency: One of the arguments against 401K plans is that they might work against you in case of an emergency. If your like most people, you probably do not have a six-month's worth of your income set aside as an emergency fund. And if an emergency does happen and you need to withdraw some of your money, you might be subjected to a 10% penalty.
 The reasons to invest in gold are there constantly. A good time to invest is available almost at any given moment when it comes to gold and precious metals. As you can probably understand from the reasons above, right now would be an especially good time to rollover your IRA to gold.
After independently reviewing the best IRA companies available for your gold IRA it's easy to spot Regal Assets as the leading and most beneficial service out there. Receiving the highest rankings and customer satisfaction ratings.
Rolling Over your 401k or other IRA accounts is an easy processes through a company like Regal Assets, simply ask for your gold investor starter kit and start maximizing your financial potential through the safe and profitable precious metals market.

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