Pazar//Shuk –  An extraordinary journey into the world of marketplaces in Istanbul and Tel Aviv 


Pazar//Shuk is a unique project which consists of a beautiful hardcover coffee-table book and multimedia site that tells the story of Tel Aviv and Istanbul markets from the fascinating perspective of authors Kornelia Binicewicz and Italo Rondinella. This project is the leading cultural project of The Consulate General of Israel in Istanbul for 2022, in cooperation with FOODISH - the culinary department by ANU museum in Tel Aviv, and is published in English, Turkish and Hebrew to reflect the recent normalization of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel. 

Elazar Zinvel, the curator and the Israeli Cultural attache says: “The book’s title takes its name from the names by which markets are known in Istanbul and Tel Aviv. The word “Pazar” in Turkish comes from the Persian word “bazaar,” and the word “shuk” in Israel is related to the Arabic word “souk,” which means market.”

Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv (Credit: Pazar//Shuk)Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv (Credit: Pazar//Shuk)

The goal of the Consulate in commissioning the book was to demonstrate the similarities between the cities on one side and the differences and uniqueness of each city through the microcosmos setting of the city markets.

The markets of Istanbul and Tel Aviv meet the needs of many people, providing citizens with affordable and fresh products, minorities with their regional food and goods, chefs and foodies with inspiration and culinary know-how, and tourists with genuine tastes.

Istanbul Tarlabaşı (Credit: Pazar//Shuk)Istanbul Tarlabaşı (Credit: Pazar//Shuk)

Pazar // Shuk is a collection of stories, essays, and street photography spiced with a solid dose of recipes coming straight from the local markets. It brings together the two cities and their people, presenting the universe of pazar and shuk with brilliant snapshots of culture and local history that capture the very essence of life itself in İstanbul and Tel Aviv. 

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