Five alleged 'Israeli spies' arrested in Lebanon

The alleged spy ring was made up of two Lebanese citizens, one Palestinian and two Nepalese citizens.

January 25, 2017 19:57

A mysterious man in a black suit standing in the shadows underneath an umbrella, looking like a spy or a secret agent [Illustrative]. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Five people in Lebanon were arrested on Wednesday on claims they allegedly were spying for Israel, according to Lebanese security services.

According to reports in Lebanese media, the alleged spies are two Lebanese citizens, two Nepalese citizens and one Palestinian. They were accused of contacting the Israeli embassies in Jordan, Britain, Turkey and Nepal, with offers to collaborate with Israeli intelligence services.

Twelve days ago in Algeria, an alleged international spy network, comprised of at least 10 agents operating for Israel, was exposed and subsequently arrested, according to Channel 2 citing Arab media networks Friday.

According to the reports, the alleged spies were operating in southern Algeria and held citizenship in a variety of African countries including Libya, Mali, Ethiopia, Liberia, Nigeria and Kenya.
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