Hamas criticizes construction delays as Israeli plot

Senior Hamas leader says that building materials were only distributed when UN Secretary General Ban visited on October 14.

Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar (photo credit: REUTERS)
Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A senior Hamas member said over the weekend that reconstruction efforts in the Gaza Strip have been handled poorly up to this point and put the blame squarely on Israel.
Mahmoud Zahar blamed Israel for a failure to distribute construction materials throughout the Strip, claiming materials were being delayed on purpose to keep Gaza from rebuilding itself.
Zahar also criticized the lack in construction material delivery except for on the day when UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visited on October 14. He said that the materials that entered that day have also not yet been distributed for construction.
Hamas has openly announced that it has renewed construction of terror tunnels, created with construction materials intended for civilian use, sparking Israel to be wary of sending building materials into Gaza.
In regards to long term cease-fire talks set to continue on Monday in Cairo, Zahar criticized Egypt for delaying the Palestinian delegation's approval to cross into Egypt and said the delegation members were still waiting at the border crossing.
In response to recent violence in Jerusalem, Zahar supported it by calling for a new intifada to be ignited in Jerusalem and said opposition in all forms, which includes violence, should be stepped up.