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Egypt gassed tunnelers, Israel wouldn’t. Why the double standard?

Were Israel to use Egyptian methods, it would presumably face a wave of global criticism as it does nearly any time it uses force. Why the double-standard?

Egyptian intelligence officials attend Hamas rally

The Egyptian official received a warm welcome as he arrived at the rally together with Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar.

Gaza Diagram
A new proposal for the Gaza Strip

The plan is based around a simple idea: Establish an Israeli desalination plant, built on Israeli land, funded by Saudi Arabia, the Europeans and others, that provides clean water to Gaza.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi meets with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Cairo
Report: Abbas to meet Sisi about Gaza as part of Egyptian truce efforts

According to media reporters in the Arabic press, Egypt has spoken with Hamas about the possibility of using funds from Qatar to pay the salaries of civil servants in Gaza.

Egypt, U.N. ask Israel to ease up on Hamas

An Egyptian delegation left Gaza on Wednesday and asked Israel to allow one more chance for calm to be restored to the situation, Liberman said.

Truce talks to resume after Muslim feast

Palestinian sources said they expected a truce agreement to be announced immediately after the four-day feast.

After talks in Cairo, Hamas leaders head to Gaza for 'consultations'

The Hamas delegation was summoned to Cairo a few days ago in the context of Egypt's ongoing effort to end the Hamas-Fatah rift and secure a long-term cease-fire between Hamas and Israel.

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Gaza’s agony is Egypt’s calling

The Egyptians bring both motivation and clout to the Gaza crisis that threatens them no less than it threatens us.

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