LIVE BLOG: Wave of terror hits Israel

Follow the latest updates on the escalation of violence in Israel and the West Bank.

24 hours of terror in Israel
Friday, October 9
Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas is exerting his influence in an attempt to ease tensions and restore quiet on the ground in the West Bank, Israeli defense sources told Israel Radio on Friday.
According to the report, Israeli security heads are trying to figure out ways to adequately cope with "lone wolf" attackers.
Palestinian Authority security personnel returned a stolen rifle to the IDF on Friday in the midst of rioting and violence throughout the West Bank and Israel proper.
Palestinians from the West Bank village of Azzun managed to steal a rifle from an IDF soldier during rioting on Friday.
After swiping the weapon, the IDF contacted the PA's security services, which retrieved the gun from the thief.
Five Israelis were lightly injured - two of them children - when Palestinians hurled rocks at their vehicle between Shilo and Ma'ale Lebone in the West Bank on Saturday.
Magen David Adom paramedics treated the wounded at the scene. 
Israeli troops fired across the border into Gaza on Friday, killing three Palestinians and wounding 14 others who were throwing stones and taking part in a rally in support of violence in Jerusalem, hospital officials in Gaza said.
The demonstration was called in solidarity with Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and followed a spate of attacks by Palestinians against Israelis and reprisals by Jews against Arabs.
An Israeli military spokeswoman said around 200 Palestinians massed at the border fence in northern Gaza, throwing rocks and rolling burning tyres toward troops stationed on the other side.
The soldiers "fired at the main instigators in order to halt their advance and disperse the riot," she said, adding that she knew of five Palestinians who were shot.
Hospital officials put the death toll at three, with 14 others wounded. Witnesses said they had been fired at by Israeli snipers in guardposts along the border fence, about 400 metres away from where the Palestinians were protesting.
There is an Israel-imposed security zone that runs about 300 metres from the border into Gaza. Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups have lookout towers and guardposts in place just back from the buffer zone.
Soldiers first fired in the air to stop their advance. The rioters did not stop, however, and the IDF then fired at the legs of rioters, striking five of them, the IDF spokeswoman added. 

Five Gazans who were part of a large group of Palestinian rioters that approached the border with Israel were shot and injured by IDF soldiers on Friday, the army has said
Some 200 Palestinians approached the Gaza - Israeli border fence from the Strip, burning tires and throwing rocks. They ignored calls by soldiers to stop, entering a 100-meter perimeter area that is a closed military zone, and getting to within 50 meters of the fence, an army spokeswoman said.
Soldiers first fired in the air to stop their advance. The rioters did not stop, however, and the IDF then fired at the legs of rioters, striking five of them, she added. 
Initial findings of the Afula stabbing revealed that the female terrorist made her way inside the central bus station, and pulled out her knife by a soldier on the platform.
Two Border Police officers identified the knife-wielding terrorist approaching the soldier, and opened fire towards her lower body in order to neutralize her.

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid reacted harshly to Friday's terror attack by a Jew in Dimona, saying that,  "anyone who is willing to act in such a manner does not understand the essence of Judaism. Anyone that does that is hurting the Jews, the country, our security."
"The one principle we've always protected," the Yesh Atid leader said, "is that we wouldn't turn into them. We wouldn't be like the terrorists. We wouldn't adopt their convoluted values."
Lapid said that Dimona's Jewish terrorist is a burden to the country's security forces, who are already preoccupied and working around the clock.
"On days like this we are supposed to unite, protect the other, and remember our Jewish values that our nation is built upon."


A female terrorist attempted to stab a security guard at the Afula central bus station Friday afternoon, in the fourth stabbing incident in under four hours.
The assailant approached the guard, stationed at the entrance of the bus terminal, armed with a knife.
She was shot and neutralized on the spot, and is being treated for moderate wounds.

Police officer in Kiryat Arba was lightly injured after being stabbed by a terrorist who attempted to steal his weapon. The suspect was subsequently neutralized.
A 16-year-old was lightly injured in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem Friday afternoon. The stabber was neutralized after the attack.

Three Palestinians were stabbed by an Israeli in Dimona, with one in critical condition. Two remain in moderate condition, MDA reported Friday morning.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "strongly condemned" the attack in Dimona Friday morning.
"Israel is a state of law and order," he said, pledging to "bring justice to anyone using violence and breaking the law from any side."