Slain Israeli soldier did all he could to qualify for combat duty

A quiet, modest man, who loved people and did everything he could to contribute to the country.

Evacuation of IDF soldiers after West Bank ramming, March 16 ,2018 (Reuters)
Capt. Ziv Daus had worked hard to join a combat unit and was killed almost three years to the day since he was drafted into the army, his uncle Jonathan told reporters on Saturday.
“Ziv [worked to] raise his [IDF physical] profile to be [high enough for] combat so he could serve the country and build it,” Jonathan said.
Daus, 21, will be buried in Holon at noon on Sunday. He was killed in a vehicular attack late Friday afternoon along with Sgt. Netanel Kahalani, 20.
“After his mother heard that there was a terrorist attack, she became fearful and tried to call him, but he did not answer her,” Jonathan said.
He described his nephew as a quiet, modest man, who loved people and did everything he could to contribute to the country.
He recalled how Ziv had asked his mother to help him buy a watch for a soldier in his unit who didn’t have one and was therefore struggling to be on time in the army, Ynet reported.
“There are those who are motivated by hatred, but we are driven by love,” Jonathan said.
Israeli security forces inspect the vehicle that was used by a Palestinian assailant in a car ramming attack in the West Bank on March 16, 2018. (JACK GUEZ / AFP)
Netanel’s father, Danny, called for the death penalty for terrorists, speaking ahead of his son’s funeral that took place late Saturday night in his home community of Moshav Elyakim in the Megiddo region.
“It doesn’t help to destroy their [terrorists'] homes. There must be a death penalty, rather than feeding them [in jail] for dozens of years at the state’s expense. It won’t do any good,” a distraught Danny Kahalani said as he sat near his wife, Noami.
“The moment there is a death penalty, this [these type of attacks] will end very quickly,” Danny said.
“Their families [the terrorists’] must be thrown into the sea,” he said. "The death penalty is the only way to end these type of attacks."
“I have another son in the army [in the Golani Brigade’s 12th battalion] and another is about to enlist. Who can promise me that he will return safe and sound? I already don’t sleep at night,” Danny told Ynet.
“Netanel was a boy who did not have time to do anything with his life. We sent him to the army, and now we have received him like this. It is a blow to the entire family. I do not know how we will continue with our lives,” the bereaved father said.
Netanel’s mother, Noami, also spoke to reporters about her son.
“He had a heart of gold and a pure soul. He was an amazing child, everyone loved him. He helped everyone. He was always smiling. I am so thankful that he was my son. I so loved him and I miss him. He will be in my heart forever.”