Friday's West Bank ramming attack terrorist previously imprisoned in Israel

New video shows the accused terrorist speeding uncontrollably and slamming into siblings at bus stop.

Suspected ramming attack near Elazar on August 16, 2019. (photo credit: TPS)
Suspected ramming attack near Elazar on August 16, 2019.
(photo credit: TPS)
Ala Harimi, the accused terrorist who ran over two Israeli teenagers, was shot and killed by police on Friday in the West Bank. 
According to Ynet, Harimi was 26 years old and from Bethlehem. He was previously incarcerated in Israel from 2014-2015 for "popular terrorism." 
New video shows the suspect speeding down the street and driving recklessly before he veers off the road and hits the siblings.

An Israeli police spokesman said an officer who had been near the scene opened fire after the attacker rammed his car into people by the roadside near the Israeli settlement of Elazar, close to the Palestinian city of Bethlehem.
Israel's Magen David Adom ambulance service said Nehum Nevis, 17, was unresponsive and "in severe condition with multi-system trauma," and that his 19-year-old sister Noam Nevis sustained moderate injuries.
Dozens of Israeli troops and medics were at the scene. The alleged attacker's vehicle, bearing Israeli license plates which allow greater freedom of movement in both Israel and the West Bank, was overturned by the roadside. Police said the attacker had been driving along a road which weaves past Palestinian towns and Israeli settlements.
Two Palestinian youths stabbed an Israeli policeman in Jerusalem's Old City on Thursday and were shot by officers, killing one of them.
Reuters contributed to this report.