WATCH: IDF soldiers' restrained response to Palestinian provocation

The video shows two IDF soldiers restraining their response to a physical altercation with Palestinians in the village of Nabil Salih.

December 18, 2017 19:14
IDF West Bank

IDF soldier at West Bank checkpoint at Gush Etzion Junction.. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

A video released Monday afternoon shows Palestinian residents from the village of Nabil Salih attempting to provoke a reaction from IDF soldiers, who are restraining themselves from responding.

In the video, dated last Friday and released on Twitter today by Kann news, Palestinian women appear to push, kick and try to slap the soldiers, who refrain from responding, according to the tweet. At one point, one soldier swats a woman's hand away after being touched and is slapped in response. The same woman then attempts to punch a second soldier standing nearby.

Palestinian teens filmed slapping IDF soldiers (Credit: Facebook/The Israel Project)The three women then stand off opposite the two soldiers while they film the encounter, and are joined by two others before the video ends.

The village is located in the center of the West Bank and is known for weekly Palestinian protest marches that took place from 2010 to 2016.

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