Israel Festival Review

The Idan Raichel Project: Masada, June 13

Idan Raichel (photo credit: Courtesy)
Idan Raichel
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Seven thousand people were gathered Friday night for the big show to start – and we’re not talking about the World Cup match between Holland and Spain.
Instead, they were at the foot of Masada, awaiting the Idan Raichel Project.
The group of 20 multi-cultural and amazingly talented musicians, led by the equally gifted Raichel, merged into one collective filled with beautiful harmony and a warm atmosphere. Raichel took the audience on a world journey by sharing his own experience and introducing guests from abroad. First was a visit from Colombia with vocalist Martha Gomez, a gentle Latin singer who soothed the crowd.
“If I was a woman, and I knew how to speak Spanish, and I knew how to sing, I would like to be Martha Gomez,” said Raichel The next stop was Burkina- Faso when Adama Bilourou, a great percussionist, went on stage and raised the rhythm and energy of the show. Last but not least was a stop in Mali with Vieux Farka Toure, an incredible guitar player and African blues singer.
According to Raichel, his own musical journey began when he bought a CD of Toure’s Malian band . Raichel fell in love with world music and got inspired to form an Israeli multi-cultural music band.
The two-hour concert included most of Raichel’s most famous songs, sung in seven languages. It didn’t matter if you know the words or were familiar with the tunes, the energy and happiness of the performers and the wide variety of music, made it a special evening, filled with human connection, musical wonders and a breathtaking setting.