Pamela Peled

Pamela Peled

Pamela Peled was born in 1957, in South Africa. She grew up in a sun-drenched land, brimming with swimming pools and tender T-bone steaks on charcoal fires. There was no television. Pupils were caned for forgetting their homework. Nelson Mandela was still in jail. At seventeen Pamela left home for Jerusalem, to study English Literature at the Hebrew University. After completing her MA she taught for many years and then did a PhD in Literature at Bar Ilan University. She is a journalist with a monthly column in The Jerusalem Post and is a contributing editor of “Esra Magazine.” Pamela lectures at the IDC (Interdisciplinary Centre, Herzlia) and Beit Berl College in Israel, and gives guest lectures in Europe, England and America. She has led study courses to Stratford-Upon-Avon, and lectures on Shakespeare on Cruise Ships. Her book How to Have a Husband and Live with your Lover (at the Same Time) examines life and literature. Her novel, For the Love of God and Virgins, exposes the distor
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