Israel has increasingly become a global player in Big Tech as of late and it's all thanks to Businesses and Traders around the globe realizing the potential and power behind Israel's Tech Start-Ups.
Why are investors, business men, traders and just about everyone else flocking to Isreal's tech market?
Last year Israel ranked second in a probe into 60 top-tech players around the globe, their silver trophy shinning only behind South Korea's booming tech industry which could almost single-handedly be attributed Samsung.
In fact According to Halperin, the market structure in South Korea is unique. The ten largest companies in the Korean technology industry, such as Samsung and Hyundai, are worth about 55% of the total market value.
And investment in the sector of Tech specifically has jumped a whopping 11% in 2016 to $4.8 Billion.
Not only has investment and interest spiked, but there is a clear demand for Israel's Tech because not only has the over-all percentage of transactions been lower, but the value of the transactions have been significantly higher pushing the rate-of-return value up substantially.
A recent article in The Times said:
"In Q4 2016 high-tech companies raised $1.02 billion in 151 transactions, compared with the $1.11 billion garnered in 202 deals in the last quarter of 2015. The average financing round stood at $6.7 million in Q4 2016, similar to the past two-year quarterly average of $6.6 million. While capital-raising reached new heights in 2016, there were fewer financing rounds compared to 2015".
Israel also ranked in a 2010 study in the Top 40 of all nations for rate of Globalization (Trade-To-GDP).
And with a GDP of $296 Billion it earned it's place on the Forbes list of Easiest Countries to do business with.
With the shear size of Israel, silicon valley could take a lesson from the nation in investment efficiency and tried and true high-quality products.
A recent article talked about how California has a larger GDP than France with about 40% less people.
In comparison to California Israel sits humbly with a population of only 8 Million people whilst boasting a national GDP of $327.6 Billion.
Is it any surprise that Israel can boast such impressive income with such efficiency?
Not if you know that Israel also plays host to some of the Worlds Leading Universities, in fact most of it's universities have fluctuated in the top global rankings over the past few decades.
It currently sit's comfortably with 3 in the top 100 place.

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