Like many, I am excited about Bibi Netanyahu's win- particularly with the historic clash he has experienced with Barack Obama. 

To my friends- a word of caution: I see no value in posting derogatory photos of the prime minister of 
‪‎Israel belittling the ‪president of USA. All over social media, you will find outrageous photos of Obama being ridiculed with nasty photos, now that Netanyahu succeeded in the elections.

Please keep in mind that a large portion of Israelis are not happy with 

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As we gloat in the US because somehow we feel safe with Binyamin Netanyahu in charge, and we scream Never Again, there are Israelis who struggle with day to day life because of the enormous cost of living, unable to afford housing, etc. There are serious domestic Israeli challenges hardly discussed by American Jews, as we are more concerned about Israel's security with a potentially nuclear Iran, than we are with the lives of Israelis living with escalating costs of living as well as life with Arab neighbors- both internally and externally.

More than ever, we need to stand united with USA and her officers- both Obama and all members of 
Congress. Please remain respectful, not destructive of this all important relationship! If you feel in your mind that you were successful in defeating Obama by getting Bibi in office, then the proper reaction is to reach out once again and build bridges, not walls- be respectful, not rude- be humble, kind and not distasteful. 

We have much work to do, yet.

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