Eighteen trillion plus in debt, half a trillion in deficits annually, and the government barley acknowledges the books are colored red. When the president proposed massive tax increases during his state of the union, there wasn't a single word or indication of additional funds going towards our debt. When running for president in 2008, Obama reiterated time and time again that Bush forty threes, six trillion dollar debt was un-American. I wonder if he would so eloquently describe his own extravagant spending. Our debt is now a little over one hundred percent of our GDP, and he will leave office with America twenty trillion dollars in the negative. 

       The presidents policies of print, spend, tax, and borrow has put a great burden on this country, generations down the road will still be compensating for the insatiable thirst this administration had for spending the taxpayers money. If average Americans can find a way to spend within their means, surely government can do the same. If you take into account that Americas tax revenue was over three trillion dollars, it really is preposterous that government felt the need to spend an additional five hundred billion dollars. I thought this administration ending Americas wars was supposed to save us money, instead they just found a way to spend it elsewhere. 

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       Cutting the nonsensical amount of waste this government has each and every year would be the best place to start. Rather unfortunately, the closest thing to eternal life on this earth is government programs, once established almost never will you see them dismantled. Not by corruption, not by inefficiencies or in effectiveness, not even on a need basis. It's long overdue for the government to cut wasteful programs, and without politicians standing up to lobbyists, it will never happen. 

    With a willing pragmatic president, congress can get this country on path to financial solvency, something long overdue. With Obama in the White House we have a better chance of seeing Iran get nukes than him work with his own congress. It's almost astonishing that he negotiate with Iran but he's intransigent with congress on spending issues or pretty much anything else for that matter. Sadly this president has shown a callous inability to admit any wrongdoing, ever, and because of that we will only see more of the same policies of tax, spend, print and borrow coming out of Washington. 

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