Yes, that’s true – there are many Christians who love the Jews not just as humans but as a distinguished part of humanity that brought the human majority to One God and Ten Commandments and laid out the foundation of Christianity.

And it is very difficult or almost impossible to find Jews who love Christians not just as humans, but as the fulfilment of the Jewish mission of the Chosen aimed at bringing every human to the spiritual principles of Ten Commandments and the entire Torah tailored – in the New Testament - to the specific traditions of non-Jews.

Yes, there are “Jews for Christ” but they are not spiritually Jewish – they were born Jewish and then converted to Christianity; now they are Christians by faith and I am sure they don’t love the Jews spiritually.

I am looking for the Jews who are Jewish by faith and love Christians spiritually.

Frank Bruni published in a NYT an article entitled “Christians loving Jews” with the following observation.

Some evangelical Christians' interest in Israel reflects an interpretation of the Bible's prophetic passages … that the End of Days can play out as God intends only if Jews govern Israel and have reconstructed a temple on the Temple Mount, where there's now a mosque.

But just a subset of evangelicals subscribe to that. Others are motivated by their belief, rooted in scripture, that God always intended Israel for Jews and that honoring that and keeping Israel safe is a way of honoring God. God's blessing of America, they feel, cannot be divorced fron1America's backing of Israel.

The conservative Christian television preacher Pat Robertson once publicly suggested that Ariel Sharon had suffered a stroke and that Yitzhak Rabin had been assassinated because both of these former Israeli prime ministers had pursued policies of "dividing God's land."

"There are evangelical connections to the land," said Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention….

The attacks of 9/ 11 and the spreading threat of Islamic extremists have further strengthened American evangelicals' sense of kinship with Jews in Israel, whom they see as crucial partners in fighting butchers who have recently singled out Christians for slaughter.”

In the book "When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God" its author Joel Richardson elaborated on the subject of “Christians loving Jews”. In particular, based on fundamental Christian teachings, he concludes that someday soon, a Jew named Joshua – or Jesus in Christianity – will rule the world from Jerusalem; that the notion that Gentile Christians have "replaced" the Jews and Israel as the people of promise (Replacement Theology) is wrong; that the Jews are still the Chosen; that anti-Semitism is a by-product of Replacement Theology.

Thus the Christians are coming to the understanding that their faith is based on the Jewish faith and because of that they love the Jews – if they love God they have to love Jews.

Unfortunately the Jews have not come yet to a similar understanding that if they love God they have to love Christians. Many Orthodox Jews even hate Christians spiritually although respect them as human beings. There are a few rabbis who have established various Judeo-Christian associations and are trying to strengthen the friendship of Jews and Christians but it is being done not on spiritual –“We the Chosen” – basis.

However the friendship of Jews and Christians has to be advanced precisely on the basis of “We the Chosen”.

I have explored this topic in many my posts particularly in this one:

The spiritual Torah-based logic of why the Jews have to love the Christians spiritually is based on the following line of reasoning.

·       The very essence of Judaism as Jewish spiritual faith is based on the spiritual separation of the Jews from the non-Jews – God selected the Jews among all nations for a special mission of the Chosen, and this mission is to help the others to learn about God’s Torah-based guidance on how to create a better world for everybody

·       Based on God’s Torah-based guidance, the Jews created their own religion of Judaism which formalized and is constantly re-enforcing and re-interpreting the guidance for the unique mission of the Chosen - to tailor the guidance to constantly changing conditions of human life

·       Based on the need to constantly re-enforce and re-interpret the guidance for the unique mission of the Chosen, the Jews created various streams of Judaism competing with each other for the most “truthful interpretations”

·       Among those competing streams was one that was led by rabbi Joshua who was discovering the most truthful interpretations of the Torah for the non-Jews and teaching those interpretations to the non-Jews – as was directed by God through the mission of the Chosen

·       This rabbi-Joshua-led stream of Judaism laid out the foundation of the Torah for the non-Jews based on which the religion of Christianity was created.

Thus the Jews should love the Christians spiritually since the creation of Christianity is an indisputable sign that the Jews have been fulfilling their God’s mission of the Chosen. Contrary to the fear of many rabbis, it should not encourage Jewish assimilation or conversion to Christianity – it should strengthen the Jewish faith among those Jews whose faith is now weakening. 

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