Jerusalem of gold, the capital of Israel

I have always said that for many unfortunately one Jewish state is too many.
I am not going to write how many times Jerusalem was destroyed by those who tried to conquer it, I am not going to write about Six-Day-War and Balfour Declaration of 1917, and furthermore about the League of Nations Mandate, which incorporated the Balfour Declaration.
I am going to write about Jerusalem who was, is and always will be the capital of Israel
In addition Jerusalem existed before many nations who now deny that it is capital of Israel. Moreover, Israel existed before many nations who are now stepping out against an ancient country which was recognized by the United Nations partition resolution of 1947, to be more specific, Israel’s admission to the UN in 1949.
What is the problem now?
Strong will to rewrite history?
Denial of Israeli existence as a state?
Well, I invite all those who claim that Jerusalem is not capital of Israel to forsake capitals of their countries. Why do they need to have capital?
Would it be an insult on their culture, history and dignity to deny the right to have capital of their country?
It is a  shame that those who did not exist when Jerusalem was holy place for Jews now  threaten and  demand denial of true history.
They may threaten, they may stand up against Israel but they cannot change archeological proves.
On December 7 two rockets were fired on Israel. Is it a way to encourage peace?
Calling on Day of rage, sounds peaceful?
Israel wants peace but will never again be destroyed by those who yearn for it.
Jerusalem was, is and always will be the capital of Israel.
I will end this blog by quote of my essay “Emotion of Gold” which is dedicated to Jerusalem:
“Time is the eyewitness that you are finer than all fairytale dreams of this world.
You are emotion. Emotion that recuperates what human rigor cannot slay.
You are a step of each word of mine and a place of a waiting hand after my each fail.
You are like the greatest mysteries of art.
You are magic that defies reality.
Pure as a caring mother’s smile, with an unseen love your Heaven lures ardor in those who never believed they will find salvation for tears running over cliffs of abysses.
Your tenacity is hope for healing wounds.
You remove steal bandages from stagnant scars.
With a flame of vigor you live in souls of those who love you, who come back to you.
You are the finest song of your people.
Your walls talk about the swords broke upon your soil.
Hay you fairest emotion, the prettiest bird of turbulent times, you are alive and you will live.”