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Earliest evidence of cotton fibers found in Jordan Valley

The cotton fibers probably arrived at Tel Tsaf from the Indus Valley region that is present-day Pakistan thousands of kilometers away.

Silver coins found near Temple Mount prove Jewish history of Israel

“This is the third coin of this type found in excavations in Jerusalem, and one of the few ever found in archeological excavations,” said the researchers.

Greek sling bullet from Hellenistic Period discovered in Israel

Bullet engraved with message: "Victory of Heracles and Hauronas" • Projectile may have been used during war against Hasmoneans

Rare coin from Hanukkah story villain era found in theft suspect’s home

Antiochus IV, referred to as "Evil Antiochus" in Jewish lore, is remembered as a major villain and persecutor in Jewish history, particularly the story of Hanukkah.

Israeli universities find oldest instance of fire use to cook food

Before the findings, which detail a 780,000-year-old discovery, the earliest evidence of fire being used to cook food was from 200,000 years ago.

KING HEZEKIAH in a 17thcentury painting by unknown artist, in the choir of Sankta Maria Kyrka in Ahu

Ancient inscription from City of David may mention king Hezekiah

The tunnel once brought water from the spring outside the city as a safety measure against sieges or other dangerous situations. 

Israeli archeologists discover 'once-in-a-lifetime find' of ancient pottery under beach

The burial cave in Israel from the Late Bronze Age, the time of Pharaoh Ramses II – possibly from the story of the Exodus from Egypt - contained dozens of intact objects.

Ancient Hebrew letter from First Temple period returned to Israel - watch

The letter written in ancient Hebrew, originally found in the Judean Desert caves, ended up in Montana and was then returned to Israel.

Israeli, German archeologists reconstruct Hasmonean destruction of Greek city

The year and exact season of the destruction of the Greek town Tel Iẓṭabba occurred has been determined by Israeli/German researchers.

Biblical Hannah's final resting place possibly found in 1,500-year-old convent

The convent was first discovered by Dr. Uzi Dahari and Dr. Yehiel Zelinger of the Israel Antiquities Authority in the early 2000s, but it was eventually re-buried for its own protection.

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