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Artifacts found beneath the Legacy Hotel Nazareth

Unique archaeological findings displayed in a Nazareth hotel

The hotel, located near the Annunciation Church at the heart of the city, has been previously used as a garage for buses owned by the Afifi family who runs the Nazareth Transport and Tourism company.

A team of archaeologists, led by Prof. Yosef Garfinkel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Insti

A 12th century Canaanite fortress excavated near Gal On opens to public

It is likely that the fortress was build some 3,200 years ago to protect the local Caanites inhabitants from foreign incursions, possibly from the Philistines.

Chemical ‘time-machine’ to tie Israel’s ancient people with modern land

“Israel has many archaeological sites which are really important for understanding human evolution."

Nahal Me‘arot Caves, Mount Carmel

Innovative app brings biblical history together with modern information

A user can tap a location to bring up pictures, more information and current events taking place in the area.


What do animal remains tell us about biblical Abel Beth Maacah?

Today, Tel Hazor and Tel Abel Beth Maacah represent major archaeological sites offering many insights on the ancient history of Israel.

Jerusalem vs. Tel Aviv and the battle over Israel’s biblical archaeology

"Some think that the history of Israel should be written only by relying on sources outside the Bible."

How new technologies are unraveling the Dead Sea Scrolls' secrets

Many of the scrolls have deteriorated to the point that their contents are no longer visible to the naked eye, but new advancements are bringing the texts to life.


Ancient coin tied to Jewish rebellion against Romans found in Jerusalem

Out of 22,000 ancient coins found in the Old City, only four can be traced back to Bar Kochba rebellion.

The Byzantine kilns producing wine jars

2,000-year-old Roman ‘ketchup factory’ uncovered in Askhelon

“This is a rare find in our region and very few installations of this kind have been found in the Eastern Mediterranean. Ancient sources even refer to the production of Jewish garum."

Workers dig at the Tel Megiddo Archaeological site in northern Israel July 24, 2018.

Palestinian academics deny archaeological evidence of Jews in Israel

Jews are 'colonialists' and 'occupiers' who only arrived in Israel in 1948, the academics claimed on Palestinian TV.

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