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Workers dig at the Tel Megiddo Archaeological site in northern Israel July 24, 2018.
Palestinian academics deny archaeological evidence of Jews in Israel

Jews are 'colonialists' and 'occupiers' who only arrived in Israel in 1948, the academics claimed on Palestinian TV.

sharafat archeology
Impressive Jewish artifacts found in Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem

2,000-year-old olive and wine presses, a burial cave and mikvah from the descendants of the Maccabees were found in south Jerusalem neighborhood.

1,500 year old cistern found in Jerusalem being mapped
1,500-year-old cistern in J'lem could become newest attraction

The cistern, suggested to be dated from the Byzantine period, may be part of upcoming renovations.

Israel hopes to beat treasure hunters with new excavations in Qumran caves

New discoveries could help solve the debate over who authored the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Hellenistic horse figurine found near Tel Acre
Two ancient horse figurines found in north after winter rains

“We were very excited. This is a fascinating and spectacular find!”

Ancient city arouses controversy in Beit Shemesh

Archeological dig exposes conflicting interests with no simple solution

Part of the treasure from the cave on display.
Peki’in exhibit to display treasure from historic Chalcolithic burial cave

The cave is the largest known such cave in Israel, contained a wealth of ancient artifacts: decorated ossuaries, burial offerings, jars, stone tools and more.

The newly discovered Roman-era pool in Tzipori
Discovered Roman-era pool could be 'the krona of Tzipori' from Talmud

May serve as proof for the existence of a famous ancient Jewish bathing site.

Small oil lamp wick from 1,500 years ago found in Shivta, December 10th, 2018.
Small oil lamp wick from 1,500 years ago found in ancient desert town

A unique lamp wick dating to the Byzantine period has been uncovered, according to the Antiquities Authority on Monday, the final day of Hanukkah.

Horns of Hittin
Battling to protect Crusader battlefield

Protesters demonstrate against plan to decommission Horns of Hattin national park.

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