The winter is the season for warm adventures. It is the best time to dip in thermo-mineral hot springs and get a massage. Israel is surprisingly rich in thermo-mineral hot springs. Most people know the baths at the Dead-Sea and Tiberias, but here are three sites that are getting increasingly popular: Hamei Gaash, Hamat Gader, and Hamei Yoav.

 Hamei Gaash Hot Springs and Spa

Hamei Gaash hot springs is conveniently located within a short drive from Tel Aviv.  It includes a complex of 4 thermo-mineral pools in different temperature filled with water that are especially pumped from 1,750 meters depth and are rich with salt minerals. The advantage of Gaash’s water is that the minerals are healthy but contain a modest amount of Sulphur. This means that you don’t smell of Sulphur for days after you dip there. The pools are full of water massage jets, a real pleasure.

There is also a large sauna complex here that includes a number of dry and wet saunas and a thermo-mineral shower with a strong jet. In addition, Hamei Gaash has a large Spa area offering a variety of massages given by a very professional staff and a dedicated rest area, where you can have herb tea.

There is a good kosher restaurant, a dairy coffee shop for breakfasts, and a sports shop.

Hamei Gaash is open in the evenings as well, which makes it a fantastic evening activity when you are around Tel Aviv area.
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 Gaash Hot Springs

Hamat Gader Hot Springs Park and Spa Village

Hamat Gader hot springs is a big park located near the Sea of Galilee. The hot springs here, which are very famous, started as Roman baths 1,800 years ago, and the remains are still open to visit as part of the Hamat Gader’s archeological park. Today, it is a large complex of thermo-mineral pools with water jets and a massage waterfall. Hamat Gader’s springs are rich with minerals and are as hot as 42’’ Celsius. The park offers a large variety of spa services located near the main thermo-mineral pools area.

The park has a separate area called Spa Village. Spa Village is a boutique hotel with a separate “quiet” mineral pool, which is open for adults only most of the year. Spa Village has its own Spa with unique body treatments, a coffee-and-tea corner and especially groomed bathrooms and accommodation services that is open only for the hotel guests and visitors who take the Spa Village day packages. The place is relaxing and spending time there is an especially pampering experience!

Hamat Gader park also features a little zoo, including a parrots show and alligator feeding demonstrations, children pool with a Splash water slide and a camping site. There are a number of restaurants and fast food services.
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Spa Village Hamat Gader  

Hamei Yoav Hot Springs and Akoya Club Spa

Located between Ashkelon and Kiryat Gat, 60 kilometers from Tel Aviv, Hamei Yoav and the Akoya Club Spa is a very versatile thermo-mineral complex. The main complex of Hamei Yoav includes a number of attractions. There are 9 mineral pools rich with Sulphur, that is pumped directly from the underground well, which are constantly replaced (every 15 minutes), this keeps the water in the pools fresh at around 39’C (102’F). One pool features a small massage waterfall, and if this is not strong enough for you – there’s dedicated area of water massage jet showers. The big hall also has fresh water Jacuzzis, and some sports facilities, as well as wet and dry saunas, and a restaurant.

Hamei Yoav has a separate area called The Akoya Club Spa. Guests who purchase the Akoya Special package gain access to this lovely area with blooming gardens with seating areas, Jacuzzi corners and Phyto-sauna, separate elegant showers (including robes, towels and lockers), and a meal plan including a light brunch, full lunch, beverages, wine and ice-cream. The packages also include free access to all of Hamei Yoav’s attractions, including free entry to Fish pedicure.  This makes it a spa-lovers playground!
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Hamei Yoav Hot Springs


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