Lizzy is addicted to her pupils. Everywhere she goes they always go with her!

“I was born in Jerusalem. What I am the most proud of is my work, I do therapy with dogs. I work with ‘difficult’ kids and teenagers who were sent to us. These are the children who are either sick or experienced violence and traumas. Dog therapy aims to work on a ‘gentle motorix’ which means everything that requires gentle movements as for instance petting a dog (gently). The goal is to grow a patient self-esteem, to learn how to express compassion and love, and to get unconditionally love. I love to see how the kids love the dogs and really care about them. It feels just wonderful to make them happier. I hope that in Jerusalem people will open their minds to realize how dogs can help us (in the Jewish religion, the observant people don’t tolerate dogs because they believe they are unclean "טמא" ) as well as dogs which live in the shelters will find their home and people will no longer abandon animals.”  

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