Malka is a biologist. She loves trees... She wishes Tu B'shvat was every day.

"My name is Malka, I´m an olah chadasha from Brazil. I came from a very Zionist family, and came to Israel one month ago. It´s not rational to leave your family, friends, a good job... at the end, your whole life for something uncertain, but it´s just the way and the place that my heart belongs. As I speak to other olim, I see that´s not just me being crazy, but that it's a mutual feeling and makes me even happier and sure of my choice. But most important of all is to know that this is not the end, is just the beginning!
I feel a little selfish when I say that I came because this is where I belong, I feel that is my responsibility to contribute with the country and make it a better place! I believe I´m here to "
לעשות חיים" (enjoy the life) and specially to "לעשות את החיים" (give a purpose to my life here in Israel)."

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