tu bishvat in israel

Fruit and vegetables sit on display at Brixton Market, London, September 27, 2020.

Foreign dried fruit is unhealthy, eat fresh Israeli fruit - Plants Board

In preparation for Tu Bishvat, the Israel Plants Board calls on the public to prefer local fresh fruits over imported dried fruits.

Tu Bishvat: The creation of beautiful things

In the past, trees were sacred to many people, but only Judaism has a New Year for them, which falls on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat (Tu Bishvat).

How planting a tree in Israel became controversial

Increasingly, the JNF’s signature program has drawn vocal critics.

Gali Savaryego tends to Nir, a calf with an artificial leg and eye cover that protects him from flie

Rebranding Tu Bishvat via an environmental lens

Tu Bishvat is an opportunity to study how factory-farming violates Torah doctrines concerning animal welfare and environmental protection.

Cross-border cooperation for Tu Bishvat, the environment, is essential

In 1996, CO2 levels in the atmosphere were 361 parts per million, surpassing the 350 ppm red line in 1988. Today those levels are a staggering 414 ppm and rising.

Birya forest

Post chooses new logo for Tu BiShvat

Congratulations to Ian Parkinson of the United Kingdom.

Tu Bishvat in Tzova

Is Tu Bishvat a major Jewish holiday? - opinion

The modern movement of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel moved what was a Kabbalistic holiday to a national one.


Tu BiShvat: Vote for JPost's.com new 'tree logo'

Help Jewish National Fund-USA and The Jerusalem Post say happy birthday to the trees.

Tu Bishvat: Happy new year! (That is, if you’re a tree!)

Tree-planting ceremonies are traditional on Tu Bishvat in Israel, where the soil is holy

Redesign the JPOST logo for Tu BiShvat!

The top 10 logos receiving the most votes online will be presented to an expert panel of judges who will declare the final winner.

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