Ferries and Mosquitoes and Angels..... twirled and sparkled and danced around the circumference of the POWERFUL, GREEN CANDLE... The BLOND girl had carved it.... (And when the BLOND girl carved, the EARTH SHOOK!) In its smokey, fiery, "SEEMING" vicissitude.... one could actually make out VISIONS.... blurry , yet CLEAR, visions... of a family....sitting at a table.... eating what looked like CHERRIES.... However, the cherries were indeed BLUE.... STILL,,,,one KNEW that they were cherries... There was a PALM TREE in the corner of the room...(in the vision) The dog, however, (in reality), was sleeping near the GREEN CANDLE.... The dog shivered.... Mystics say that dogs pick up METAPHYSICAL waves.... unseen to the human eye.... And the whimsical smoke had the heady AROMA of "SAPPHIRE".... And so it went....

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