The French do not need to put a one-sided solution on the two parties through international bodies like the United Nations.  Ask the Palestinians to return to direct, bilateral negotiations without preconditions with Israel. Israel is eager to finding a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ideally based on a two-state agreement. The French do not understand this and it is not a geographical dispute they can help in. So cancel this meeting.


All of these 70 countries have bigger issues to focus on. If there should be a conference focus on Turkey, Syria and Russia. How about a conference on ISIS?  With the Trump Administration coming in why is John Kerry participating. Obama said his farewell is this Kerry’s goodbye? With France’s own political environment why do they need to focus on this.


France showed its color on Resolution 2334, and France abstained at UNESCO in April on a resolution that denied any Jewish link to the holy sites in Jerusalem. Even thou, the claim France is not secretly planning a UN Security Council resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after the conference according to French Leader Gerard Larcher. If they do they will face stiff opposition.


In the United States a bipartisan resolution (H. Res. 11) the House went on record in opposition to UNSCR 2334 and it states “an obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace” and urges the United States to oppose and veto future Security Council resolutions that seek to impose solutions on the Israelis and Palestinians”. “a durable and sustainable peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians will come only through direct bilateral negotiations between the parties resulting in a Jewish, democratic state living side-by-side next to a demilitarized Palestinian state in peace and security.” In the Senate Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ben Cardin (D-MD) introduced a similar resolution (S. Res. 6).

This is not a peace conference it is a kangaroo court. So cancel this and save the appearance of France leading an attack on Israel which it is. So please cancel this and avoid embarrassment.

Expecting to get to the Security Council on the Tuesday after the conference and get another resolution passed for the two state solution the French were informed by Sec. Kerry that this would not happen.  it is now very obvious that this conference was rigged as Benjamin Netanyahu has stated by the Palestinians.  Kerry  was forced to explain the time to be able to introduce the resolution has long passed since his speech. This was due to the fact that President-elect Donald Trump demanded that the French cancel this conference. Also the bills going through Congress has hand tied.  So in the end  France's run out of time and so also for John Kerry. So  all that will happen from this conference is a statement that has no bearing on either party in this debate.







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