Some say: the "international community" has had its say about Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and even Jerusalem, and it's that Jews aren't allowed to live there.

We Jews have some experience with this "international community".

Take for instance: the Evian Conference (July 6-15, 1938), called to discuss the Jewish refugee problem, those Jews that suffered persecutions at the hands of the Nazis in Germany and Austria. A quarter of the German Jews had fled, but the huge majority had nowhere to go. Thirty-two countries gathered in Evian, but practically none agreed to allow Jews to enter their borders. The "international community" didn't really care what happened to the Jews, didn't want the Jews, and therefore with no solution, no country willing to help, the Jews were left to languish under the Nazi jackboot; eventually most were murdered during the Holocaust.

Among the countries that eloquently explained how they could not alleviate the severe persecutions Jews suffered, by accepting Jewish refugees, were Venezuela, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Uruguay. These countries are today members of the U.N. Security Council that just voted to deny the Jewish people legal rights to their homeland. These same countries, 78 years ago, closed their doors to the fleeing Jews. The Evian Conference convinced Hitler that the "international community" was apathetic to the Jews' fate. This eventually denied those Jews the right to live.

Now these countries deny the Jewish Nation the right to live in its own homeland, even in our ancient Holy City of Jerusalem.

Especially galling is the behavior of the United Kingdom that had closed the doors to the Holy Land in the late 1930s – in stark violation of its undertaking according to the terms of the international mandate to help Jewish immigration, settlement and establishment of a Jewish Homeland – just as Jews desperately needed a refuge, and the only place that could take them in was their homeland. How could the UK call Jews in Jerusalem illegal?

Especially morally bizarre is the case of New Zealand – a country built upon invasion and occupation of a foreign land, massacres, the breaking of treaties and the subjugation of the indigenous people – condemning the Jews, the indigenous people of the Holy Land, for returning home.

Especially ironic is the picture of Mr. Obama giving the orders to allow the "international community" to censure Jews for living in their ancestral homeland, doing so while vacationing in Hawaii, an independent kingdom invaded and annexed by the U.S. Does that mean, according to Obama, that the U.S. should withdraw from occupied Mexico, California to Texas, or from occupied Hawaii? Or perhaps they should start with Guam?

It takes a thick hide for imperialist Russia to vote for such a resolution, as not only does Russia have a past of conquering lands and subjugating peoples, but even today they hold on to East Prussia and have recently invaded the Crimea… again. The same thickness of skin must belong to China that has occupied Tibet for decades.

The "international community" didn't stop the genocidal war declared in 1948 by the Arab world against the tiny, nascent Jewish state of Israel.

The "international community" didn't lift a finger in the face of Arab belligerency in 1967 when they again threatened genocide against Israel.

The "international community" has, sadly, been impotent in the face of massacres and genocide in Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur and recently in war-torn Syria.

Our sages said close to 2,000 years ago, that the nations of the world will say to Israel, “You are robbers, for you conquered lands by force". In other words: you're the same as us, but we won't allow you to be like us. Israel will answer that we're not at all like you! This is our land, and has been for close to 3,500 years. "The entire earth belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He; He created it and gave it to whomever He deemed proper When He wished, He gave it to them, and when He wished, He took it away from them and gave it to us.

In contrast to the "international community", there is humanity. If people were better informed rather than misinformed, I believe most people would support the tiny Jewish nation against encroachments on their land and sovereignty by Arabic imperialism, even if supported by other imperialists throughout he world.

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