Well, there you have it...  Bibi said no to a two state solution "on his watch" today.  

Well, to tell you the truth, Netanyahu’s declaration was a big surprise to me, since his statements will alienate not only a lot of Israelis but also Americans, I believe.  I do agree that Israel needs to be very careful of territories given away in any peace settlement and two State solution, and I think the Palestinians would need to claim that they agree that Israel has a right to exist and stop there position of the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.  Israel cannot ignore these realities , as Netanyahu stated. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t work towards a peaceful solution if you are given the hope and possibility of making it work so that both sides can leave peacefully side by side. 

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I am a dove at heart and pray for a peaceful solution, but after seeing the war last summer I understand that the threat is very real to Israel and the country needs to be very careful to make sure they don’t jeopardize their safety in any peace settlement.  I wonder what will come of this election and pray that God has a hand in it somehow, and with more wisdom and good outcome, than human beings have been able to find with the mess that is going on in the Middle East right now.  Life without a solution between Israel and the Palestinians has become a sad part of the lives of Israelis who know at any time, their lives can be turned upside down in war again and it’s a constant repetition of the same thing with no solutions. 

As an American and a Jew, my heart goes out to the Israeli people, who are like our brothers and sisters. 
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