For decades  there  have  been very loud voices preaching  anti-Israel rhetoric in the USA, Europe  and the Middle East.  For the first time the USA has a President that   has assembled a strong   Pro-Israel strategy, with strong advocates in his administration and  with the backing of tens of millions pro Israel Christians. Even some  Democrat leaders (Schumer and company) say the  embassy should be moved.  President Trump  has been made a  campaign promise  to move the Embassy  to the capital of Israel , Jerusalem. He withstood  the pressure  and he fulfilled his promise. 

 I am very glad to see   that the President of the USA fulfilling  his promise and was  not   convinced  by the anti Israel State  Department and  the   Anti  Israel European  community  and the very terrorists that he is fighting. Most of  those objecting  to the move  are hoping  that Israel  would just disappear. President  Trump said stongly that Israel will be  here forever  with Jerusalem as it's capital and the USA will continually support one of their  strongest allies.

 For 70 years ( really over  3000 years) , Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel and if the enemies  of Israel wanted to make peace they surely had  time  to do  it  for the past  70 years.  President Trump recognized the historical truth and the facts on the ground.

The Israeli government wants the embassy moved  and most  Americans  want  it moved,  so it so refreshing  that an American President  stands up  for the principles  he preaches.  At worst, the enemies of Israel  would have another excuse  not to make  peace and try to cause havoc. At best the enemies of Israel will realize the Jewish State of  Israel will not go away and  incent them to come to the table and discuss real peace.

Now the real work will start with the Palestinian leadership. The world will see if they finally realize that the only way they  can make life better for te Palestinian people is to negotiate a settlement  with Israel.

Thank you Mr President  for your truthfulness and honestly and not giving into the immense pressure that the anti Israel forces placed on you.

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