evangelical support for israel

Evangelical Christians and Israel: Divisive issue explored in new film

The documentary focuses on what motivates American Christians to support Israel and what form their support takes.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore
Evangelical leader compares Netanyahu and Trump to biblical figures

Laurie Cardoza-Moore spoke in a special video titled "Sovereignty Now," produced in honor of the Israeli plans to annex portions of the West Bank.

Christian pilgrims and tourists react during a religious retreat lead by T.B. Joshua, a Nigerian eva
Will American Evangelicals support immediate annexation?

49% of Americans approved of Trump’s “Deal of the Century.” Among white, born again, Evangelical Christians, the numbers were significantly higher.

Israel taking risk embracing support of Evangelists - scholars

Historians to policymakers: You need to think about Zionism and the State of Israel, not only the Evangelical help

Christian pilgrims and tourists react during a religious retreat lead by T.B. Joshua, a Nigerian eva
Israel should take reciprocal steps for Evangelical support

The way to defeat antisemitism isn't to oppose it, but to promote a love of Jews, an Evangelical leader has said.

Gordon Robertson, CEO, Christian Broadcasting Network at the 7th Annual JPost Conference in NY
Gordon Robertson: Survival of the Jewish people is a miracle

“You are a light to the nations,” said Robertson. “Shine on, and be as bright as you can be.”

Washington Watch: Rebuilding bridges

While Americans overwhelmingly view Israel favorably, that does not extend to that country’s government, which is viewed unfavorably by the majority.

Eagles' Wings Evangelical org hosts day of Prayer for Jerusalem peace

Eagles’ Wings Executive Director Bishop Robert Stearns who has brought more than 10,000 Evangelical Christians to Israel to date lead the trip.

The Christian family advocating for Israel across the U.S.

“It inspires us to do what we do, especially when see antisemitism and how rife it is. It’s one little thing we can do, but it hurts to see this happening - it gives us great pain.”

Who is Wayne Allyn Root, the man who crowned Trump 'King of Israel'?

Root, the Libertarian Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2008, announced his support for the businessman and reality star almost as soon as Trump announced he was running in June 2015.

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