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Normalization deals can benefit Palestinians - Mladenov to NYT

"Neither Israel nor the Arab countries will want to ruin the treaty, giving other countries leverage in Israel."

Hope and optimism should be key pillars of Israel’s foreign policy - opinion

While Israel has become a regional power with world-renowned defense and economic capabilities, many Israelis continue to feel the existential threat that marked our history.


Israelis and Palestinians creating a new shared vision

Our vision is based on humanist values and seeks nothing less than the full implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for every person in historic Palestine.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a leadership meeting in Ramallah, in the Israeli-o

Palestinians: Peace talks only through UN-sponsored international parley

The officials told The Jerusalem Post that the peace talks should be held only through an international peace conference and under the auspices of the United Nations.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks as he and U.S. President Donald Trump discuss a Mi

Vote on annexation to take place at next cabinet meeting on Tuesday

Jared Kushner: "I'm not looking at the world as it existed in 1967. I'm looking at the world as it exists in 2020."

PA wipes peace agreements from schoolbooks

The Palestinian Authority removed all mention of any agreements or meetings with Israel, with the exception of the Oslo Accords, in which Israel is mentioned in a negative light.


Greenblatt’s departure and the fate of the U.S. peace plan - analysis

With Greenblatt's sudden resignation on Thursday, it is questionable whether the oft-delayed plan will be released at all.

Lindsey Graham, United States Senator (R) from South Carolinaat the 7th Annual JPost Conference

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham: One-state solution is dangerous

“If you believe in a democratic secure Israel [and] you absorb the Palestinians, they will eventually demographically outvote the Jewish state. So that does not work."

Ashraf Ghanem, Hebron businessman who attended Bahrain workshop

Hebron businessman who attended Bahrain: I'm afraid for my life

The PA had called on Palestinians and Arabs to boycott the conference on the pretext that it was part of the US administration's scheme to "liquidate" the Palestinian cause.

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