Obama and Kerry are the new Nazi regime, calling the entire world to go against the Jewish nation its epicenter is the State of Israel. UNSC 2334 resolution, followed by John Kerry’s scolding and rebuking Israel speech for 70 minutes verbal marathon, is a political Kristalnacht!

 Obama and Kerry - going after the Jews with vengeance

At first,though, the resolution knocked the wind out of Israel and the Jewish nation, worldwide, as well as those many who support the Jewish state and the Jewish nation.

The gathering storm has not moved on and is not totally over; there are 22 more days for Obama’s disastrous reign during which, after he stabbed Israel in her back he may go for the jugular and declare a “Palestine” state, a member of the putrid United Nations Organization (UN).

But now that the storm has subsides for a while it allowed me to think.

I am however looking at UNSC 2334 resolution positively.

UNSC 2334 has killed the lingering to nowhere Oslo Accords.

The UNSC 242 resolution, issued after 1967 Six Day War, was killed by UNSC 2334.

The whole “land for peace” concept is now dead, UNSC 2334 resolution killed it.

Israel can now think and follow two prongs: The Jewish nation’s history and only what befits her security.

Security wise Israel must expose, demonize, and delegitimize to the fullest extent the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), Fatah, the latest creation, the Palestinian Authority and its venomous snake leader, Abu-Mazen-Mahmoud Abbas.

One should raise an eyebrow and ask about the name PLO - Palestine Liberation Organization. What Palestine this organization, established in 1964, was to liberate? I thought the Arabs, now calling themselves “Palestinians,” want to establish a “Palestine” on the land the Jews are building “settlements” and thus are encroaching on their “Palestine” land the Jews they claim occupy. Confusing all right?!

In three weeks, Obama’s war with Israel will end. His final legacy – the destruction of the ‘land for peace’ paradigm and the ‘two-state’ policymaking model obligate Israel, for the first time in fifty years, to determine its long-term goals, in relation to the international community, the Palestinians and Judea and Samaria lands themselves.

It is now all in Israel's court to do what is right for her and only her.

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