Health Ministry: 6 cases of brucellosis disease in South

February 20, 2011 17:38

The Southern District Health Office has registered during the past few months six cases of people ill with brucellosis, an infectious disease caused by contact with animals carrying bacteria called Brucella. The Health Ministry said on Sunday that an epidemiological investigation found there was no connection among the patients with no one source for the infection.

Brucella can infect cattle, goats, camels, dogs and pigs. The bacteria can spread to humans if you come in contact with infected meat or the placenta of infected animals, or if you eat or drink unpasteurized milk or cheese. People working in jobs requiring frequent contact with animals or meat -- such as slaughterhouse workers, farmers and veterinarians -- are at high risk.

The ministry said that the cases apparently resulted from home slaughter of animals that were purchased and killed for meat without a veterinarian’s examination or approval.

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