Lebanon coalition urges Hezbollah to disarm

July 25, 2012 16:05

The Lebanese Future Movement-led March 14 coalition on Wednesday demanded that Hezbollah disarm in order to remove what it characterized as any pretext Israel would have for launching an attack on Lebanon, the Lebanese Daily Star reported.

The movement said, according to the report, that Hezbollah's continued refusal to disarm, contravening both domestic and international agreements, has always served as a potential reason for Israel to cite as a reason to attack.

However, after the recent terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria, for which Israel has accused Hezbollah, the movement expressed concern that Israel may respond by striking targets in Lebanon, said the report.

The movement also said it was worried about an Israeli attack if Israel was concerned about Syria transferring chemical weapons to Hezbollah. The announcement said that swift action is needed to avoid what it called a "rising threat" of conflict with Israel due to all of the recent events in Bulgaria and Syria, the report said.

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