Moshe Agadi named first Israeli killed in weekend rocket attacks

Agadi was hit in the chest with shrapnel as a rocket hit his home in Ashkelon on Saturday night. He died on his way to the hospital.

Moshe Agadi (photo credit: Courtesy)
Moshe Agadi
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Moshe Agadi, father of four, is the 58 year-old man who died after being critically injured when a rocket hit a building in Ashkelon on Saturday night.
Agadi is the first Israeli fatality since Hamas began firing rockets into Israel on Saturday. Since Saturday morning, more than 430 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israeli territory.
Agadi was hit with shrapnel in his chest as a rocket hit his home in Ashkelon. He died en route to the hospital.
"Moshe went out for a cigarette between every few rocket sirens," his brother Shmulik said. "That time he did not make it back into the shelter in time. The paramedics tried performing CPR and he was rushed to the hospital, but he did not make it."
Shai, another one of Moshe's brothers told the Army Radio that "Moshe always showed his respect to everyone.
"We don't know how to keep going, if Moshe was here he would find us hope, now we are helpless," Agadi said.
President Reuven Rivlin expressed his sorrow.  "I send my condolences to the legendary Agadi family, who lost their father Moshe tonight during the harsh rocket fire in Ashkelon.
"We send you a big hug of condolence and sympathy for your terrible loss," said Rivlin.
Head of Labor Avi Gabbay wrote, "My condolences to the family of Moshe Agadi from Ashkelon who was killed by a rocket and sends best of wishes for the wounded. The residents of the south deserve to live in peace and security, just like anywhere else in the country."
Agadi's funeral will be held today in the New Cemetery in Ashkelon at 4 p.m. Israel time.