Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Palestinian militant group founded in 1979. Based primarily in Gaza, responsible for rocket fire on southern Israel. Headed by Ramadan Salah and funded by Iran.

Israeli troops operate in Gaza City UNRWA headquarters

The IDF noted that in the past, troops had operated in the area and had arrested and killed many Hamas terrorists. Forces had also demolished an underground route which passed under the facility. 

Demonstrators protest calling for the for the release of Israeli hostages held in the Gaza Strip

PIJ official: 'We will keep treating hostages same way Israel treats our prisoners'

Al Quds Brigades spokesperson also said that hostages have attempted suicide "as a result of the extreme frustration they are feeling due to their government's neglect of their cause."


IDF destroys Palestinian Islamic Jihad's largest long-range rocket production site

The PIJ has produced hundreds of rockets at this site over the past few years.

IDF kills senior PIJ terrorist in Tulkarm airstrike

Wanted terrorists who were involved in the murder of Amnon Mokhtar, an Israeli citizen who entered Kalkilya, were apprehended and eliminated.

Israel-Hamas War Day 264: What is happening in Gaza, Lebanon border?

Haredi leaders condemn draft law • Doctors Without Borders claims PIJ terrorist was a 'colleague'

 Smoke and flames rise during an Israeli airstrike in central Gaza Strip, June 3, 2024

Check who you're hiring: PIJ terrorist eliminated, MSF decries killing of 'colleague'

The Israeli Air Force targeted and killed Fadi Jihad Muhammad Al-Wadiya, a key figure in Palestinian Islamic Jihad's missile program in Gaza City.

 IDF soldiers operate in the Gaza Strip on June 18, 2024

Terrorist groups in Gaza seek to compete with Hamas to carry out attacks

These groups worked together in Gaza and had their eyes on the post-war period. Now, these groups are filling the breach and the vacuum.

Activist involved in kidnapping Australian man seen wearing Hamas logo

Mohammad Sharab, an anti-Israel activist involved in the February kidnapping of an Australian man, was seen wearing the Hamas emblem at a rally in Melbourne.

Blinken: Hamas must be pressed to say yes to hostage deal

The Secretary of State is expected to travel to Jordan from Israel. He will participate in a conference on humanitarian aid for Gaza, which will also be attended by UN Secretary of State Guterres.

IDF vs UNRWA: How many Gazans dead in UN school strike were terrorists?

The IDF claimed that the school was being used as a base for Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters, in particular terrorists that participated in the October 7 massacre.

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