Netanyahu, Mofaz open inaugural c'tee on Tal Law

May 21, 2012 15:07

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Vice Premier Shaul Mofaz on Monday expressed that the government must urgently find a solution to the secular-haredi divide over enlistment in the IDF.

Speaking near the opening of the inaugural meeting of the committee for advancing equality and sharing burdens, Netanyahu said "time is short" to find an alternative to the Tal Law, which allowed haredim (ultra-Orthodox) to defer enlistment into the IDF indefinitely, and which the High Court of Justice struck down earlier in February. The law will officially become invalid on July 30.

The prime minister added that "we have to discuss, to decide, and to legislate, all in a few weeks."

Mofaz, who spoke just before Netanyahu, stated that "we want to create for Israel a more united society,"  adding that Israelis "are all going on a new path, a new national order."

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