Pentagon: Iran boosts missiles' lethality, effectiveness

July 11, 2012 12:11

Iran’s military has "boosted the lethality and effectiveness of existing" ballistic missile systems with "accuracy improvements and new submunition payloads," according to a Pentagon report. Portions of the document were declassified on Wednesday after having been presented to Congress last week.

The Pentagon report, obtained by Bloomberg, specifically notes that Iran's short-range ballistic missiles are evolving toward an operational ability to target sea vessels.

The report, dated June 29, 2012, according to Bloomberg, is signed by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and says the new Iran abilities "extend the destructive power over a wider area than a solid warhead."

Iran's military improvements are occurring in parallel with regular ballistic-missile training that “continues throughout the country” and the addition of “new ships and submarines,” the report concluded.

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