It’s time to say, “Happy 63nd Birthday!” to our special and revered friend Israel, which is still one of the youngest nations of the world and exhibits the strength and action of youth in many, many ways. As America’s most valued friend and ally in the Middle East, we must not forget that while the reborn nation of Israel may be young, at the same time Israel is also one of the oldest nations on earth.

After God made a covenant with Abraham some 4,000 years ago ― in which He told the patriarch that he would be the father of a great nation ― the seed of Abraham actually became a nation during the era of Moses and Joshua. Many rabbis assert that the ancient nation of Israel began at the time of the Passover, when the Jewish people were delivered from 400 years of bondage in Egypt. Then two million Jews headed toward the Promised Land, which they entered and conquered and renamed Israel.


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