There are three main proponents of radical Islam at present – the Shi’ite brand championed by the clerics in Tehran, the Salafist movement which has spawned al-Qaida, and the Muslim Brotherhood now on the ascent in the Sunni Arab world. Each of these movements aspires to be the one which leads the Muslim world into a future time of global dominance – the promised “Golden Age” of Islam.

This Muslim concept foresees a coming epoch of peace and justice on earth under the rule of Islamic Shari’a law, and was largely lifted from Hebrew and Christian scriptures – mirroring what Jews commonly refer to as the “Age of Redemption” and Christians would call the Millennium or “Messianic Age.” All three radical Islamic movements anticipate a final battle in which the Muslims eradicate Jews en masse, heralding the advent of this reign of Islam over humanity.


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